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Sustainable events
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We understand that finding sustainable solutions for events can feel overwhelming, which is why we created proseed. 

The first universal framework that simplifies sustainability.

Packed full of information, guidance, solutions and actions you can take today to accelerate your sustainability journey.

And, it’s free!

We’ve taken the hassle out of sustainable event planning.

Demonstrate to your stakeholders and customers exactly how you’re practicing sustainability by using proseed.

Designed with the whole supply chain in mind to standardise how our industry approaches sustainability, proseed makes it easier to deliver meaningful change across the sector.

Brought to you by isla, this free, accessible and practical resource makes finding sustainable solutions easier.

isla. We understand events and we understand sustainability. 

Sustainability demystified

Taking the confusion out of concepts like Net Zero and Circular Economy


Direct actions you can take to deliver sustainable events, and demonstrate this.

Resource & templates

Downloadable templates for policies and planning, making action easier.

your progress

Demonstrate commitments and performance improvements.

Collaboration in action.

What better way to practice what we preach than working collaboratively to develop the industry’s first universal framework for sustainable events?

proseed was developed strategically to provide practical solutions to our shared sustainability challenges. 

    • Developed using best practice guidelines from outside the sector, from globally-recognised organisations
    • With contributions from specialist organisation in the sustainability sector, and subject matter experts
    • With the support of a working group of more than 30 isla members. proseed was made possible by collaboration across our network.


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The industry loves proseed...

“...for any agency looking to produce more sustainable experiences”
proseed's thorough documentation and industry specific guidance is such a useful resource tool for any agency looking to produce more sustainable experiences. It is used across every department in the agency, but is particularly beneficial to the production team during their supplier vetting process and provides a clear framework to track and demonstrate the sustainable practises being implemented. — Rob Pryce, Director, One Point Five
“proseed...allows us to translate our climate goals into practical steps”
At Channel 4 we’ve committed to becoming net zero carbon by 2030. proseed is incredibly useful for us because it allows us to translate our climate goals into practical steps that can be implemented by all our event agencies and suppliers, helping us to make the progress we have committed to. — Sean Stanley, Commercial Event Manager, Channel 4

proseed is an interactive website and is best viewed on a desktop.

Inspired to take immediate action?

Everything you need to set your business ambitions for a 1.5°C future.

In a race against time, getting to the finish line as quickly as possible is all that matters. Which is why we’ve created templates to support you set or accelerate your business ambitions for a 1.5°C future.

Designed for all event organisations, no matter where you are in your journey. Use these templates to demonstrate you commitments to a sustainable future, today.

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