Turning intentions into actions

Policies & plans

These editable policy and plan templates make it easier for your business to make and demonstrate sustainable commitments.

They’re designed to guide you through the process of creating an environmental sustainability policy with supporting meaningful actions to align with global ambitions for a 1.5°C future.

The documents cover organisational and event delivery ambitions and contain templates, examples, guidance and specific actions you can undertake to get started immediately. Laid out in a Basic, Better, Best format, they help you make the right choices for your business, whether you are just starting your journey or you are already a leader in the field.

From framing your Net Zero commitments to specifying clear requirements for sustainable events these templates will save you time and money.


A statement that means something.

Use your policies to make a statement that your business cares.

These editable templates guide you ins making Net Zero and Circular Economy commitments, aligned with global ambitions for a 1.5°C future.

Designed to support you set actionable and measured objectives, these templates to shine a light on the path your business can take to improve sustainability performance in both company operations and event deliveries. They offer clear guidance and suggestions for specific actions your business can take to become Net Zero.

Take advantage of these downloads and see how your policy can help you attract new business, retrain staff and procure a supply chain that will support you in your ambitions.

What's included?

Environmental Sustainability Policy Template
Example policies for Planners, Suppliers and Caterers
Example KPIs for improving company operations 

Clear action plans for any event

Turn your commitments into actions through your event deliveries.

Policies set out your ambitions and commitments, while event plans take you that extra step further.

These templates move away from non-specific guidance, which requires lots of additional research, and take a ‘show, not tell’ approach. This means they provide clear actions to take to deliver sustainable events. Following the plans helps you act on your company’s commitments and will ensure you’re achieving high on each ‘Benchmark your progress’ page.

Improve your performance, win new business and support your clients and stakeholders to make a real difference.

What's included?

Sustainable Event Power Plan
Sustainable Event Catering Plan
Sustainable Event Travel & Transport Plan
Sustainable Event Production Plan

Download template documents

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Download all templates, examples, and KPIs that will guide you through the process of creating an environmental sustainability policy for your organisation.

Plus, get access to project planning templates to help your teams take sustainability planning to the next level.

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