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Conserving Water

According to the UK Environmental Agency, the UK is set to run out of water to meet population demands by 2040.

There is a very real chance that for parts of the year a number of businesses and households will have their water supply cut off due to lack of availability. 

Water is one of our most precious resources globally and it’s estimated that by 2035 40% of the world population, including the UK, will live in areas facing water scarcity.

A 1000 person event giving attendees t-shirt in a tote bag would use the equivalent water of four olympic swimming pools, or the same as one shower lasting almost two solid years!

Get ideas for taking action below or benchmark your progress.

What we can do...

1. Eliminate bottled water

Remove bottled water from play and have refill stations!

Encouraging guests to bring their own containers not only saves organises money but conserves water and reduces waste-management costs too.

2. Digital SWAG

Enhance the guest experience and extend the life-time of the event with digital giveaways!  Consider product discounts, tree planting, donations to a charity, or special digital assets for attendees only.

This not only saves materials, reduces waste and conserves water, but will likely save money too!

3. Designing for reuse

Designing graphics for reuse is another great way to conserve water across our event productions.

Reusing fabric-based graphics from a 5m x 5m exhibition stand will save over 200,000 litres of water, and will save planners money too.

4. Grey water systems

Venues should consider investing in grey-water systems wherever possible, to capture and recycle water to use for things like irrigation and toilet flushes.

This means that fresh water can be diverted to where it’s needed most – for drinking and cooking.

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