It’s not easy being green… Or maybe Kermit just having a bad day. Green generators are taking over to reduce and eliminate diesel use and associated emissions.

We recommend you apply the power management hierarchy to reduce optimise fuel efficiencies and reduce reliance on generator power, saving both emissions and money!


Do you actually need power in this location or for this application? We often over spec generators for fear of running out. The reality is that often generators operate at less than 50% capacity for most of the time.


Use less power & use it in a more fuel efficient way. Power Mapping helps you track your power requirements based on maximum power required and at what time, rather than anticipated use. This means that generator sizes can invariably be reduced and operate at a much more efficient capacity than 50%!


Can you use mains power instead of generators? Power Mapping is your best friend when it comes to eliminating generator dependency. If you can’t switch to mains, renewable energy generators may provide sufficient power.


Where diesel generators can’t be eliminated, can the system be backed up or bolstered by battery technology? Grouping smaller generators together to increase power flow at peak times or using alternative fuels such as HVO are both great ways to reduce diesel dependency.

What we can do...

1. Power mapping

Look at the actual wattage required and when power is needed, not the energy anticipated use.

This is part of  mapping power requirements.

This helps reduce over-specifying generator size and is key to understanding safe power supply without over specifying and wasting diesel fuel.

Suppliers should share this information with their clients and event planners should collate this information to manage requirements and increase efficiencies.

2. Smart loading for generators

Through accurate power mapping its often possible to reduce number or size of generators, meaning we can transition away from diesel.

Look for renewably powered battery operated gennies, hydrogen or HVO biofuels.

If it’s not possible to move entirely away from diesel, look at supplementing some of the disesel generators with alternative energy.

Grouping smaller generators together also means power loads can be increased or decreased to facilitate peak and trough times for power.

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