Waste Management

A Circular Economy event is based on an ambitious waste prevention policy, proactive reuse and separate collection of waste at source to guarantee quality recycling.

While we don’t have event waste statistics, the average person in the UK produces just over 1kg of waste per day. If we attribute one day of an average persons waste to a one day event, then an event with 5000 attendees could produce upwards of 5,000kg of waste – or the same as a baby blue whale!

That also only looks at waste generated by attendees and doesn’t consider our production waste from graphics, sets and consumables. For large events, these can span into the thousands of square metres of waste.

So how do we tackle the enormous quantity of waste created by temporary installations?

Get ideas for taking action below or benchmark your progress.

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What we can do...

1. Assess your waste streams

Start by understanding what waste streams are available at venues and facilities. Some set builders may have more efficient recycling management than venues, while some venues may be able to offer more comprehensive solutions

Knowing what can and can’t be managed in existing recycling and waste streams means that set designs, waste bins for guests and catering waste management can all be efficiently designed to ensure the responsible onward journey for any goods, materials or products that cannot be first reused or repurposed.

2. Design out waste

Consider the Circular Economy. This prioritises diversion from landfill and incineration, followed by reusing, repurposing and finally recycling.

By avoiding single use designs for sets and environments, we can automatically reduce the potential for waste. Both saving money in waste contractor costs and money by reusing resources, materials and sets.

3. Clearly labelled bins

Waste streams should be clearly labelled at eye-level and grouped together. Generally there should be colour coded bins for the below, but check with your waste contractor.

– Recycling
– Glass
– Food Waste
– Coffee cups
– General (includes biodegradable and compostable materials unless alternative management plan in place)

Where there is a one-bin waste system, it is generally true to assume that recycling is not happening.

Maintain these waste systems in both front and back of house.

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