Organisation Energy

By engaging in energy saving and efficiency solutions and converting to renewable power, event business can save money and the planet.   

As an industry, increasing the prevalence of green energy in our businesses and prioritising using energy efficiently is key to combating the climate crisis.

Any event service business with offices, warehouses, kitchens, print rooms, and so on can ask these key questions:

  • Is 100% of the electricity and gas that we use matched by a renewable electricity or gas supply – i.e. through self-generated renewables or a green tariff?
  • Do we have an energy policy which outlines energy reduction targets and ambitions to optimise our efficiencies?
  • Do we currently track and measure our energy use, and if not can can we begin?
  • Can we improve our spaces by putting energy efficiency measures into place like LED lighting, zoned areas for power or HVAC or retro-fitting?

Benchmark progress to see how your facilities stack up!


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